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[movies]The Decline of the Public Intellectual - Open Mind
Open Mind episode 1090: The Decline of the Public Intellectual with Jurist Richard A. Posner
Keywords: Western Civilization
Downloads: 286
[audio]The War for Western Civilization. Otto Scott - Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
Mr. Scott is a widely published commentator, author of 10 books, and editor of Otto Scott's Compass. Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 21st Annual Meeting July 12-13, 2003 Phoenix, Az.
Keywords: otto scott; war; western civilization
Downloads: 143
[audio]Audio: An Analysis Of Francis Schaeffer's "The Church At The End Of The 20th Century" - Frederick Meekins
Audio: An Analysis Of Francis Schaeffer's "The Church At The End Of The 20th Century"
Keywords: apologetics; philosophy; culture; worldviews; America; Western Civilization
Downloads: 63
[texts]Racing Towards Perdition: The Questionable Spiritual Foundation Of The Contemporary Olympiad - Frederick Meekins
Racing Towards Perdition: The Questionable Spiritual Foundation Of The Contemporary Olympiad
Keywords: paganis; religion; Christianity; theology; olympics; western civilization
Downloads: 44
[audio]New World Notes 249 - Surviving the Collapse - Kenneth Dowst
30-minute radio program for December 11, 2012. Secular prophet Michael Ruppert has been quirky, controversial ... and very often right. In this interesting monologue, he explains why Western industrial civilization is unsustainable and beginning to collapse--and what Americans can do to weather the transition. Surprisingly, he ends on a note of optimism. From Chris Smith's 2009 film, "Collapse." http://newworldnotes.blogspot.com/ ...
Keywords: Michael Ruppert; collapse; western civilization; industrial civilization
Downloads: 40
[audio]David Duke and Tom Sunic on a wide range of issues - Dr. David Duke
David Duke web radio broadcast for 03-06-2008 David Duke's Website David Duke Radio Archive for 2008 David Duke Radio Archive for 2007 David Duke Radio Archive for 2006 David Duke's free audio books: Jewish Supremacism My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding
Keywords: tom sunic; homo americanus; holocaust; hollywood; western civilization; neo-conservative
Downloads: 19
[texts]A Brief History of the Idea of Progess - Alain De Benoist

Keywords: francis bacon; western-civilization; history; progress; general history
Downloads: 90
[texts]Annals of the World - Ussher, James, 1581-1656
In the years 1650-1654, James Ussher set out to write a history of the world from creation to A.D. 70. The result was published in 1650 as the literary classic "The Annals of the World." This famous comprehensive history of the world, originally published in Latin, offers a look at history rarely seen. Ussher traveled throughout Europe, gathering much information from the actual historical documents...
Keywords: Ussher; ancient history; young earth; creationism; western civilization; world history
Downloads: 7,122
[audio]What's the Difference: Christianity and Western Civilization - Richard Heyduck
When we read 1 Cor. 1:18-2-25 we see that a life built on the story of Jesus is somewhat different than a life built on the story of Western civilization.
Keywords: Jesus; Western Civilization; Thomas Hobbes; John Locke; Rousseau; Hegel; Paul
Downloads: 62
[audio]New World Notes 200 - Morris Berman - Kenneth Dowst
30-minute radio program for January 3, 2012. With great wit and humor--and clever specific examples--cultural historian Morris Berman argues a gloomy main point: American civilization as we know it is doomed. Few prophets of doom are as enjoyable to listen to as Berman, though. Here he discusses 13 ways America is going to hell in a handbasket. (#2 includes this item: the new American History school curriculum in Texas has a unit on Estee Lauder but not George Washington...
Keywords: Morris Berman; American civilization; Western civilization; culture; Why America Failed
Downloads: 98
[texts]ERIC ED309134: World History in the Secondary School Curriculum. ERIC Digest. - ERIC
Since 1980, an increasing number of state and local education agencies have reintroduced a world history requirement into their secondary curricula. This ERIC Digest examines five key questions related to that trend. Questions raised, together with some salient points made in the discussion of each, are as follows: (1) What is the background to current debates about curriculum reform in world history? The current confusion about world history courses reflects conflicting curricula traditions and...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Course Content; Curriculum Design; Curriculum Problems; History Instruction; Introductory Courses; Non Western Civilization; Secondary Education; Social History; Western Civilization; World History
[texts]ERIC ED382006: The Western Tradition of Suggestion and Lozanov's Suggestology/Suggestopedia. - ERIC
It is argued that while Georgi Lozanov's suggestology and suggestopedic methods are informed by work in the field of suggestion in the former Soviet bloc, his work has also been influenced by work on suggestion in the west, particularly in France, where suggestion is a more controversial technique. For Lozanov, suggestion is a normal phenomenon and a positive concept. His contribution was not only in linking suggestion to education, but also of integrating many types of suggestion (direct, indir...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Class Activities; Classroom Techniques; Educational Strategies; Foreign Countries; Non Western Civilization; Psychoeducational Methods; Second Language Instruction; Suggestopedia; Western Civilization
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED336331: The Nature of Politics and Government...Differing Concepts of "Authority" in the World...Differing Views of the "State." Resource Packet. - ERIC
This resource packet is designed to provide teachers and other civic educators with an introduction to differing concepts of authority views of the state in a complex world environment and to serve as a blueprint for developing materials, classes and programs for civic education. The material discusses: (1) the relationship between the concepts of state, nation, nation-state, and ethnic group; (2) the purposes served by various states and their priorities; and (3) the exercise of political autho...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Citizenship Responsibility; Curriculum Guides; Educational Trends; Futures (of Society); Instructional Development; Non Western Civilization; Political Science; Political Socialization; Secondary Education; Social Studies; Values Clarification; Western Civilization
Downloads: 3
[audio]The Future of the White Race(Moscow conference) - Dr. David Duke
David Duke radio broadcast for 06-08-2006 David Duke radio archive for 2006: http://www.archive.org/details/DavidDukeRadioArchive2006168Broadcasts David Duke Audiobooks: http://www.archive.org/details/JewishSupremacismMyAwakeningToTheJewishQuestionaudiobook http://www.archive.org/details/MyAwakeningAPathToRacialUnderstanding
Keywords: The Future of the White Race; Moscow; demographics; white; survival; preservation; western civilization
Downloads: 20
[audio]The Big Picture - Dr. William Pierce
American Dissident Voices broadcast on the most important issues involved in the demise of Europeans and western civilization Broadcast Date: 06-15-1996 The full William Pierce archive of 308 broadcasts is available here: Dr. William Pierce Audio Archive
Keywords: western civilization; white nationalism; white preservationism; race; racism; patriotism; nationalism; america; europe; jew; immigration
Downloads: 41
[texts]ERIC ED373684: Fuzzy Logic: A New Tool for the Analysis and Organization of International Business Communications. - ERIC
Classical western logic, built on a foundation of true/false, yes/no, right/wrong statements, leads to many difficulties and inconsistencies in the logical analysis and organization of international business communications. This paper presents the basic principles of classical logic and of fuzzy logic, a type of logic developed to allow for answers that can cover the entire spectrum from yes to no with all values in between...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Business Communication; Communication Problems; Communication Skills; Information Transfer; International Communication; Logic; Validity; Western Civilization
Downloads: 3
[movies]Why Is The Middle East In Crisis? - ARIFilms
Why is there no solution for the Middle East crisis? Why does there seem to be so much trouble right now in the Middle East? What's causing all this, and why is it occurring now? For full series: http://www.kabbalah.info/engkab/kabbalah_revealed/kabbalah_revealed.htm
Keywords: middle east; crisis; iraq; israel; western civilization; humanity problems; ego; spirituality; nature; progress; altruism; life
Downloads: 147
[texts]ERIC ED346472: Orality and Literacy--the Real Difference: A Historical Perspective. - ERIC
Just as a contemporary professional person maintains copies of wills, real estate records, and court decrees, so did 15th-century B.C. residents of the ancient city of Nuzi. Such documents, then and now, are generally written by legal scribes. The Hittites of the 14th century B.C. maintained detailed manuals concerning the care and feeding of their horses. A Hittite birth ritual text refers to other texts in its descriptions of how women were to be prepared for giving birth...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ancient History; Archaeology; Greek Civilization; Literacy; Non Western Civilization
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED374483: "It's Not Getting at 'Real'": Exploring Alternative Approaches to Critical Thinking. - ERIC
Examination of the characteristics of models of Western critical thinking from a different perspective may help educators realize what these models do not allow. Western processes of reasoning are highly Aristotelian, based on Platonic dialectical forms. Relationships of the parts are established upon clearly defined criteria, and the methods tend to be linear. Western logic demands acontextual analyses, and critical thinking urges explicitness to achieve a decontextualized analysis...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Critical Thinking; Cultural Context; Higher Education; Language Role; Logical Thinking; Thinking Skills; Western Civilization
Downloads: 3
[texts]Frey, Herbert (coord), La geneologia del Cristianismo ¿Origen De Occidente? - Herbert Frey
Historia de los orígenes del Cristianismo en el contexto de la Civilización Occidental. / History of the Origins of Christianity in the context of the Western Civilization.
Keywords: religión; christianity; religion; cristiandad; occidente; western civilization; historia religiosa; Cristianismo; religion; religious history; Christianity
Downloads: 12
John Connor's "The Rise of the West: A Brief Outline of the Last Thousand Years", scanned and uploaded for the green anarchist archive www.green-anarchy.wikidot.com.
Keywords: green anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; western civilization; anti-civilization; john connor; green anarchist
Downloads: 619
[texts]ERIC ED358021: Moving the Pivot: Asians and American History. - ERIC
A new parochialism is present in the United States. The view represents a foreclosure that anchors itself to Europe against a tide of non-European peoples. U.S. Eurocentrists proclaim union on the basis of race to counter the perceived threat of non-whites and to stifle dissenting voices from those who would contest the dominant order. An alternative parochialism celebrates a minority's exceptionalism, characterized by inventions of traditions, affirmations of fragile identities, and exclusion o...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ethnic Bias; Ethnic Groups; Non Western Civilization; United States History; World Views
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED377132: Micronesian Art Historical Research and Library Collection Resources in Micronesia. - ERIC
This paper briefly describes the geographic region and some indigenous artifacts of Micronesia. The state of art historical research in the area and currently available library resources are discussed. Micronesia is comprised of seven island nations peopled by distinctly unique cultural groups. Study of Micronesian art and architecture is relatively recent. Early work was done by German, then Japanese, expeditions...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Architecture; Archives; Art History; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Library Collections; Non Western Civilization
Downloads: 9
[texts]ERIC ED323480: Teaching Diversity through Pluralism: A Model for Teaching about Racism. - ERIC
Based on 134 undergraduate student responses to two dilemmas, one concerning Affirmative Action programs and the second concerning minority student admission to college, it was discerned that these students largely held viewpoints that were consistent with conceptions of a "uniform" culture as opposed to conceptions of diversity and pluralism. In addition, there was a note of pessimism throughout many of the responses, suggesting that little could ultimately be done about racial prejudice and di...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Affirmative Action; College Students; Critical Thinking; Cross Cultural Training; Cultural Context; Cultural Pluralism; Higher Education; Minority Groups; Multicultural Education; Non Western Civilization; Social Environment; Social Values; Sociocultural Patterns; Student Attitudes; Western Civilization
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED369717: From the Axial Age to the New Age: Religion as a Dynamic of World History. - ERIC
In order to broaden student understanding of past and contemporary situations, the world history survey course needs to consider religion as a vehicle through which history moves. The course proposal includes prehistory and paleolithic times to contemporary Islamic culture. The course is thematic and comparative in orientation, but moves through historical time in a conceptual rather than chronological manner...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ancient History; Buddhism; Christianity; Confucianism; Course Content; Cultural Education; History Instruction; History Textbooks; Islamic Culture; Judaism; Medieval History; Modern History; Non Western Civilization; Religion; Religion Studies; Secondary Education; Social Studies; Units of Study; Western Civilization; World History
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED349852: Tourists in Our Own Land: Cultural Literacies and the College Curriculum. - ERIC
This monograph, based on college transcripts of 10,700 students included in the National Longitudinal Study of the High School Class of 1972 (NLS-72), examines how culturally literate is the generation that is now in its thirties and what people in that generation studied that exposed them to different cultures, societies, and intellectual traditions. Findings determined that the amount of time spent on studying standard college subjects dwarfed the amount of time spent on studying all other cul...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults (30 to 45); College Curriculum; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Context; Curriculum Development; Higher Education; Longitudinal Studies; Non Western Civilization; Postsecondary Education; Social Differences; Undergraduate Study; Western Civilization
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED372984: Integrating World Systems Analysis and Dependency Theory into World History at the Undergraduate and High School Levels. - ERIC
By utilizing world systems analysis and dependency theory in world history, ways that students can raise questions and integrate ideas at the high school and undergraduate level are identified. A discussion of the origins and design of the 14th century world system demonstrates how it is set apart from the modern world and how conveying that difference to students offers a sense of cultural variation in the face of global integration...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; College Curriculum; Colonialism; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Global Approach; High Schools; Higher Education; History Instruction; Network Analysis; Non Western Civilization; Secondary Education; Secondary School Curriculum; Sociocultural Patterns; Systems Analysis; Systems Approach; Undergraduate Study; Western Civilization; World History
Downloads: 8
[texts]ERIC ED310974: Christopher Columbus: The Hero and the Historians. - ERIC
Social historians are taught that historical changes are caused by large social and economic forces, rather than great individuals; and so they study groups of people, broad economic movements, and underlying institutional structures that change slowly over time. But the general public demands information about the individual person told through historical narrative. Through this method, historians can still raise important and stimulating questions of broad significance...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Biographies; Chronicles; Economic Change; North American History; Primary Sources; Resource Materials; Social Change; Social History; Western Civilization
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED357397: Internationalizing the Business School: Constructing Partnerships between the Humanities and the Professions during an NEH Grant Project. - ERIC
A National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant funded a study to establish an International Humanities Curriculum that would serve as a model of curricular internationalization upon which interested observers might draw for revision of their own curricula. This curriculum revision project introduced the study of texts, ideas, themes, and issues from China and Japan into the literature curriculum of Robert Morris College...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Business Administration Education; Cross Cultural Studies; Curriculum Development; Higher Education; Humanities Instruction; Literature; Non Western Civilization
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED301552: What's Going on Over There: A Pacific Rim Update. - ERIC
Horace Greeley was historically correct when he admonished the early pioneers to "Go West!" While historically insightful he was geographically limited. The West now extends beyond the borders and across the vast Pacific Ocean to the entire Pacific Rim. Characteristically, these countries are growing economically, politically, and socially with major world-wide influence. While this leadership and evolving dominance was not based on these countries' leisure influence, the rich history, culture a...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Foreign Countries; Global Approach; International Educational Exchange; Leisure Education; Non Western Civilization; Scholarships; Study Abroad; Tourism
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED381476: Images of Germany, Past and Present: A Film Collection. Series I, Instructional Activities. - ERIC
This set of lessons accompanies a series of 30-minute films for teaching about Germany. Available to educators throughout the United States upon request, the 17 films and accompanying instructional activities focus on culture, politics, economics, society, and sports and are appropriate for middle and high school students. Permission is granted to videotape the films off air and to reproduce unlimited copies of these lesson plans for classroom use...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; European History; Filmographies; Films; History Instruction; Humanities Instruction; Modern History; Teaching Guides; Teaching Methods; Western Civilization; World History
Downloads: 5
[movies]The Technique Of Fresco Painting 1936 - United States. Works Progress Administration
Silent film about fresco painting, which features James Michael Newell and his "The Evolution of Western Civilization." National Archives description: "Students at Evander Childs High School, New York City, paint a mural depicting the history of western civilization. Reel 1, the materials (slaked lime, marble dust, and pigments) are prepared. Preliminary and full-size drawings and perforated tracings are made...
Keywords: Frescoes; Newell, James Michael, 1900 -1985; Frescoes; Mural painting and decoration, American; The Evolution of Western Civilization
Downloads: 82
[texts]ERIC ED324269: Ramayana: An Exercise in Cooperative Learning To Understand the Concept of Dharma. - ERIC
Believed to have been written about the 4th century B.C., the "Ramayana" is one of the oldest epic poems in world literature. This exercise, which takes seven or eight days to complete, is intended to acquaint Westerners with the "Ramayana" in an informal format that may spark a desire to read further in the epic and to become familiar with other works of Indian literature. There are five sections to the lesson: (1) a preliminary vocabulary exercise; (2) a basic introduction to the life of Rama ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Area Studies; Cooperative Learning; Foreign Countries; Global Approach; Learning Activities; Non Western Civilization; Secondary Education; World Literature
Downloads: 5
[audio]Extrapedestrian - Exit Stage West - Extrapedestrian
Exit Stage West is a collection of songs written, performed, and recorded on a small budget in various bedroom makeshift-studios. Categorized by genre, it fits somewhere between edgy singer-songwriter, instrumental rock, minimalist progressive rock, and electronics-based synth music. Lyrics tend to strike some balance between conceptual and poetically vague. Please sample a few songs on this album, and if you enjoy it, download it and tell others about it.
Keywords: extrapedestrian; exit stage west; rock; electronic; indie; experimental; prog; progressive; synth; singer songwriter; singer-songwriter; multi-instrumentalist; home recording; western civilization; louisiana; conceptual; poetic; instrumental
Downloads: 132
[texts]ERIC ED318063: World View: The Second Hidden Dimension. - ERIC
Proposing that world view is a dimension of culture which lies below the surface of human behavior at the level of the subconscious, this paper argues that this often ignored dimension of culture profoundly influences human communication. The paper is divided into two sections. First, world view is defined and its importance in explaining how communication operates is described from multiple perspectives...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Abstract Reasoning; Communication Research; Cross Cultural Studies; Cultural Differences; Decision Making; Foreign Countries; Intercultural Communication; Non Western Civilization; World Views
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED338523: Is There a Place for Asia in the K-12 Social Studies Curriculum? A Survey of Requirements and Common Course Sequences in the 50 States, 1987-1990. - ERIC
A nationwide survey of state education departments was conducted in order to learn the extent to which study of Asia is included in precollegiate education. It was found that there is a place for Asia in the curriculum. A course in world history, world geography, and/or world cultures is reportedly offered as part of the common course sequence in almost all 50 states, and is required in approximately 1/3 of the states...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Area Studies; Asian Studies; Curriculum Development; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Foreign Culture; Global Approach; National Surveys; Non Western Civilization; Social Studies; State Standards
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED317451: European Studies as Answer to Allan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind." - ERIC
European studies can provide a solution to several of the issues raised in Allan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind." European studies pursue the academic quest for what is truth, what is goodness, and what is beauty. In seeking to answer these questions, the Greeks were among the first to explore many of humanity's problems and their legacy had an impact on democracy and the disciplines of history and philosophy...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Christianity; Cultural Influences; European History; French Literature; Greek Civilization; Higher Education; Intellectual History; Music; Philosophy; Social History; Western Civilization
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED360234: Social Studies Grade 8 Curriculum Guide. Revised. - ERIC
This Manitoba (Canada) curriculum guide includes the grade 8 overview, unit overviews and topics, focusing questions, specific objectives, and outline maps needed for the course. The teaching of the identified objectives is mandatory in Manitoba. Manitoba curriculum guides are produced in three different formats referred to as Level I, II, or III. This is considered a Level II document to be used in conjunction with the Level I social studies overview and the teacher's guide to the textbook, "Pe...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ancient History; Course Content; Curriculum Guides; Foreign Countries; Grade 8; History Instruction; Junior High Schools; Maps; Social Studies; Teaching Methods; Western Civilization; World History
Downloads: 8
[texts]ERIC ED359980: University Library Borrowing: Two Studies Illustrating a Methodology. - ERIC
The frequency with which students borrow works of literature that can be called eminent or great works from a university library was examined in two studies that are interesting for their methodology and their findings. An operational definition of great or eminent works was developed, and a list of such works was derived from three sources on Western culture. In the first study, circulation records for 45 eminent novels from the list were studied for the last 10 years, and a rate was developed ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; College Libraries; College Students; Comparative Analysis; Higher Education; Library Automation; Library Circulation; Library Materials; Library Surveys; Novels; Online Systems; Research Methodology; Use Studies; Western Civilization
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED336332: Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Governments...Similarities and Differences throughout History. Resource Packet. - ERIC
This civic education resource packet is designed to provide teachers, community leaders, and other civic educators with an understanding of the differences between constitutional and non-constitutional governments. Six papers discussing the topic are included: "The Differences bewteen Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Governments" (John Patrick and Richard Remy); "On The Need for a Constitution" (James Madison); "Constitutionalism--Historical Background" (Herman Belz); "Differences between A...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Citizenship Responsibility; Curriculum Guides; Instructional Development; Political Science; Political Socialization; Secondary Education; Social Studies; United States History; Values Clarification; Western Civilization
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED315382: Contextualization of Teaching Methodology in Theological Education in Africa. - ERIC
Differences between the learning styles of Western and African students are highlighted in this discussion of theological education in African schools. Since many of the teachers in theological institutions are either westerners, or have been educated in the West, Western learning style is the one most rewarded in the classroom, and those students who do best in the schools are those who have a Western learning style...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cognitive Style; Comparative Analysis; Field Dependence Independence; Foreign Countries; Individual Characteristics; Learning Strategies; Non Western Civilization; Teaching Methods; Theological Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED368407: Elements of Contracting, Individualization, and Cooperative Learning in a Community College History Classroom. - ERIC
At a public community college located in a Southeastern state, an innovative curriculum, including contracting, individualization and cooperative learning, was tested in two sections of a History of Western Civilization course. Contracting refers to an agreement between teacher and student, specifying student goals and objectives. Individualization allows students to select from such learning methods as tests, book reports, or papers...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Classroom Techniques; Community Colleges; Cooperative Learning; Educational Innovation; Individualized Instruction; Outcomes of Education; Participant Satisfaction; Performance Contracts; Student Attitudes; Teaching Methods; Two Year Colleges; Western Civilization
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED324583: Japanese Sex Differences in Preferred & Observed Divisions of Labor in the Home. - ERIC
This research describes sex roles and divisions of labor observed in families of origin by contemporary Japanese (n=1,000) and contemporary preferences for division or sharing of family tasks. It then compares these preferences to determine whether significant differences exist between men and women in contemporary Japan. For their present and future family life, these Japanese subjects preferred a division of labor in which wives take primary responsibility for housework and husbands take prima...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Comparative Analysis; Cultural Context; Family Attitudes; Family Life; Foreign Countries; Home Management; Marital Satisfaction; Non Western Civilization; Sex Differences; Sex Role; Sex Stereotypes; Spouses
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED388585: Western Civ., Multiculturalism and the Problem of a Unified World History. - ERIC
This paper traces the development of the concept of a unified world history and applies that concept to the present curriculum. World history became more European-centered over time as other cultures were viewed as backward. The exclusion of so much of humanity from the "known world of progress" made less and less sense over time as global connections increased. Multicultural world history is more inclusive, but it also contains weaknesses in that cultures are entities not bounded by time of spa...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cross Cultural Studies; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Interrelationships; Cultural Pluralism; Global Approach; Higher Education; International Relations; Multicultural Education; Western Civilization; World Affairs; World History
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED382996: Club Hellas Presents: An Interdisciplinary Model for Team-Teaching Greek Civilization. - ERIC
A team-taught course on Greek civilization was designed to reach a broad audience of majors and non-majors at the University of New Mexico and has changed in response to faculty and student responses. The first version of the course covered Greek and Roman culture and presented a variety of guest lecturers, but student comments indicated that too much material was covered. The course was cut in half and transformed into an interdisciplinary Greek civilization course taught by two professors...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ancient History; Course Descriptions; Greek Civilization; Greek Literature; Higher Education; Instructional Effectiveness; Interdisciplinary Approach; Reading Materials; Teaching Methods; Team Teaching; Undergraduate Students; Western Civilization
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED355136: The Indonesia Kit. A Study Kit. - ERIC
This document is designed for Canadians interested in the South Pacific island chain nation of Indonesia. The kit includes information, photographs, and illustrations concerning Indonesia, West Papua (Irian Jaya), and East Timor. There are discussions of Indonesia's environment, its transmigration program, development refugees, and ties with Canada. Lists of relevant organizations, resources, and group questions are included, as are ideas for student activism grouped under the heading "What You ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Area Studies; Developing Nations; Environmental Education; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; International Relations; Multicultural Education; Non Western Civilization; Secondary Education; Social Studies; Units of Study
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED360155: A Cooperative Research Group for the Study of Culture and Science Education in Developing Countries. - ERIC
In the West, science is assumed to be an integral part of Western culture. What interests Western educators and policy makers is achievement in science, particularly the comparative achievement in science among students of different Western nations plus Japan. Americans are constantly asking whether or not our students know as much science as Japanese and German students, for example. While educators in non-Western, developing nations share an interest in achievement, they ask other questions th...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Constructivism (Learning); Cross Cultural Studies; Cultural Traits; Developing Nations; Educational Philosophy; Educational Principles; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Science Achievement; Science Education; Western Civilization
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED325470: Profiles in Teaching: A Celebration of Idealistic Perspectives. - ERIC
This paper presents an overview of the history of teaching in ancient societies. Discussion centers on the role of the teacher and the purposes of education in non-Western civilizations: India, China, Egypt, Persia, and Israel. The close links between formal education and social structure are noted as well as the influence of religious beliefs on educational content. The contributions of the ancient Greeks to knowledge and scientific inquiry are discussed...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Critical Thinking; Culture; Educational History; Ethics; Moral Values; Non Western Civilization; Self Actualization; Social Characteristics; Teacher Role; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED376188: Identifying a Research Art Style in Art Education. - ERIC
Research studies in art education are done under certain methodological conditions, for specified purposes, and from selected philosophical perspectives. In this study, empirical research published in "Studies in Art Education" (volumes 1-33, 1960-1993, 195 studies) was analyzed. A research art style is considered as resulting from the types of art that are studied and produced and from the ways students are asked to respond to art in formal research studies...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Art Education; Art Materials; Art Products; Design; Elementary Secondary Education; Literature Reviews; Philosophy; Research Methodology; Research Reports; Sociocultural Patterns; Traditionalism; Western Civilization
Downloads: 8
[texts]ERIC ED336330: The Meaning of Citizenship...in America and in the World. Resource Packet. - ERIC
This resource packet is designed to provide teachers and other civic educators with an introduction to issues surrounding the meaning of citizenship in today's world. It is intended to be used as a companion piece to "CIVITAS: A Framework for Civic Education" which is a new civic education curriculum resource designed to serve as a blueprint from which teachers, curriculum developers, administrators and community leaders can develop civic education materials, courses, programs and curricula to e...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Citizenship Responsibility; Curriculum Guides; Futures (of Society); Political Science; Political Socialization; Secondary Education; Social Studies; Values Clarification; Western Civilization
Downloads: 2
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